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Patient Testimonials

They are great people to work with and have done and continue to do a great job and they work with my crazy schedule thank you so much

Cody M.

These folks are rock solid. I have had work done with Dr. Ivan and Dr. Kevin, and they both some of the kindest and most caring people I have let work on me. The rest of the staff are just excellent in every way. And while I would question the sanity of anyone who actually enjoys a dental visit, I have no qualms about saying that it will be a good experience. Thanks for being awesome!.

Jason R.

The best ever! I got my infected tooth pulled and didnt feel a thing. They were really nice and made me feel comfortable. I will only go there to get all my work done. Thank you so much.

Terrace C.

Dr. Wolthuis was, by far, the kindest and most caring dentist myself or my children have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He has a very warm nature about him and it's very evident in his manner and actions that he genuinely cares. Our situation was quite extenuating and I appreciated so much the extra time he took with us, to explain things and to teach us about the issue(s) as well as to ensure that we understood clearly the scenario. Never once did we feel hurried or like 'just another mouth', quite the opposite, actually. We will be returning to him for our care, and I would very highly recommend him to anyone searching for dentist.

Jeanette T.

I have been going here since I was a teenager and I am 27 now. They do great work and take the time to do an excellent job with your teeth. I have had my wisdom teeth pulled here, braces for my teeth done here which was a 2 year process back when I was 17-19. I have had cleanings done, fillings, and two gold crowns now just recently installed which fit excellent. Plus I also want to say the fillings they do are really nice, they aren't even noticeable visually, like at all. Compared to some silver fillings I got when I was a kid from a different dentist, they look much, MUCH better. Everything they have done for me here has been just really well done, and if a problem does arise they will work to fix it asap. I had my permanent bottom retainer behind my teeth pop out when I had them recently installed after my braces came off, and when I called about it they immediately got me in to fix the problem which has never been an issue again since. (Just needed a little more cement). I give Dr. Wolthuis and his staff 5 stars on their quality and work. Thanks!

Corben T.

Long time patient. Moved out of the area and finally came back. Just as I remembered! Dr. Ivan and staff are always so wonderful and caring. Had all of my orthodontics done here as well. It's been 15+ years since I had braces and still get compliments on my teeth! I do not trust my oral care with anyone else. Definitely deserves more than 5 stars. Thank you!!!

Dani L.